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Drew Morey ProductionsA successful online presence in today's marketplace includes the effective use of professionally produced video. You already invest a great deal of time and money making sure your market can find you, so when they do, they need to see you looking your best. Present yourself as the leader in your industry, where the growing trend is effective consumer engagement through video. Your supplier of choice for delivering consistent excellence in creativity is Drew Morey Productions.

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With more than 30 years of industry experience in film, print, photography, journalism, web design and brand development, we understand how video is an integral part of a larger, integrated marketing strategy. The rules of engagement in the battle for visibility have changed, and we have the expertise to provide you with the knowledgeable and informed consultation that your business depends on to survive.

Video training solutionsWe are especially capable of delivering professional solutions to medium and small size businesses, as well as not-for-profits. Our core values are built on a strong belief in honesty, integrity and clear communication − values that show up clearly in our work.

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Video is the juice of your internet marketing campaign
Increase visitor engagement
Demonstrate and explain Convert visitors to users
Drive traffic to your site Live client testimonials
Attract young people Increase credibility
Increase search engine visibility

Cost effective internet marketing

People who are looking for what you offer will see and be attracted to you when you show up in their search results with a compelling video message. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, owned and powered by Google. Uploading regular video installments to it and to many other social media forums will greatly multiply your online exposure. See an episode of the video blog we produce for Groove, the Automation Alternatives Lean Cell video (no sound) and one of a series of 20 testimonial promos we produced for R.J. Burnside, which is part of a sequence of scheduled installments on their website.

Tributes for special events   top

Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, retirement parties and corporate events are made memorable by a video featuring the life story of the distinguished star. Surprising a high level manager at an AGM with heartfelt thanks from their staff and colleagues will have added impact when relevant comments from key people are edited into the presentation. Preserve the memory of a loved one through their own words and / or the words of those who want to honor them by combining interviews, photos, home movies and newspaper clippings into a heartfelt and lasting tribute. See a Corporate tribute opener (Wedding tribute coming soon).

Business promotion via client testimonials

Who can possibly sell your business better than your own satisfied clients? When people are genuinely pleased with your service, they will say so in their own words, without any prompting. That is the basis of this guerrilla warfare style production, in which footage is gathered impromptu and client testimonials are first recorded on the fly, then combined with the best footage from your service or industry in action. We typically choose to let the people who are involved speak for themselves, and then complete the video without the help of a third party narrator, for better credibility. See The Body Bar Hair Salon.

Multimedia training modules   top

The kind of training that hits home − the kind that gets retained by your students − has to be engaging, well produced and media rich. Video is the perfect companion for effective training programs. CLAC asked us to produce a 4 hour program that is based almost entirely on video content, from intro segments to presenter sessions to documentary style modules to dramatic episodes. The user feedback has been excellent. See an intro segment, an instructor training segment, an interview segment and a dramatic segment.

Documentary style production

Combine dramatic re-enactments with first hand stories from the mouths of those who lived through them, and you have a powerful communication medium that is effective for carrying an important, motivational message. In partnership with James Brodie Productions, we produced a documentary for Africa Inland Mission about the fight to eliminate AIDS in eastern Africa. The resulting program that aired on CTS was instrumental in helping AIM secure a CIDA grant of nearly half a million dollars. The Mully Children's Home continues to support many hundreds of street kids today. See the Mully Home segment.

Charitable organizations   top

Charitable organizations have to perform a tightrope act, maintaining a constant balance between two opposing realities. They must aggressively solicit donations from their supporters in order to fund the initiatives they have undertaken on behalf of the world's neediest people; they must also maintain their authenticity and integrity. Productions for charitable organizations have to be conducted with this balance in mind. Our partnership with numerous agencies has resulted in many thousands of dollars being raised, through a blend of sensitivity and compelling media artistry. See videos for International Needs and Friends in Action.

Dramatic TV style production

Armed with a cast of A level professional actors and crew, we put together a one hour television style drama for a training module on cooperative labor relations. This program has received consistently glowing reports from the students who take the course as part of their required workplace curriculum. Dramatic video is an especially effective way to drive home significant messages to a potentially less attentive audience. Watch a dramatic segment from Cooperate to Win.

Educational videos   top

Students in action always make a compelling story, especially when the learning is hands on. Transferring the shared energy and sense of community from the school to the screen is what makes this type of project both enjoyable to produce and effective as a promotional tool. Heartfelt testimonial comments from those who are directly involved (in this case, parents and staff) add credibility and impact. Orangeville Christian School enjoyed significant brand elevation and increased enrollment with the help of this lively production. See Orangeville Christian School.

About Drew Morey Productions

Drew Morey Productions DemoDrew Morey Productions is a full service video production company located in Orangeville, Ontario, serving Dufferin county and the surrounding region. We are ideally situated within an easy drive of Toronto (the GTA), and we are even closer to Mississauga and Brampton to the south, Barrie to the north, Newmarket to the east, Guelph and Kitchener to the west and Oakville to the southwest. We will gladly come to meet with you at your location for a free consultation. Once we begin to work together on a project, files can be uploaded by FTP, allowing you to see continuous changes to your video, so the distance is not a problem.

We have been established as a company since 1999, and our experience in video production overlaps with the full spectrum of related media arts - television production, 16mm film (for which we have won several awards), multimedia production (for which we also won an award), extensive web design, scorm compliant e-learning production on both Flash and Moodle platforms, still photography, print media from brochures to vehicle wraps, and even news journalism. We supply our clients with advice on how to integrate video into their online marketing campaigns, in order to reach a target group for whom video is playing an increasingly pivotal role. A strong video presence on social media platforms such as YouTube and blogging sites is becoming the recommended course of action for broadcasting an organization's all important message and brand. Contact us today for a free session to discuss how video fits into your business or charitable marketing goals. top